Enclosed Cat Litter Box

Enclosed Cat Litter Box
Enclosed Cat Litter Box
Enclosed Cat Litter Box
Enclosed Cat Litter Box
Enclosed Cat Litter Box
Enclosed Cat Litter Box
Enclosed Cat Litter Box
Enclosed Cat Litter Box
Enclosed Cat Litter Box
Enclosed Cat Litter Box

Enclosed Cat Litter Box

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Pet Besty Arched Chimney House Enclosed Cat Litter Box

Are you searching for the perfect solution to keep your cat's litter box area clean and odor-free? At PetBesty, we offer high-quality enclosed cat litter boxes that provide privacy for your cat while ensuring a fresh and tidy environment for your home.

The cat litter box is a daily essential household product for cat owners. So it should be the same choice as furniture. PET BESTY Fully Enclosed Arched Chimney House Cat Litter Box is designed with both functionality and beauty. 

Enclosed Cat Litter Box  FEATURES 

  • This home product not only boasts a unique aesthetic but also seamlessly incorporates practical functionality, allowing the cat litter box to blend perfectly into your home environment without any disruption.
  • The interior of the cat litter box offers ample space and a sufficient height, ensuring that your cat can comfortably use it.
  • A convenient drawer with a handle has been designed for quick cleaning, easy litter replacement, and maintenance of the litter box's hygiene.
  • The movable door panel design effectively prevents splashing when burying litter.
  • The fully enclosed design provides your cat with a sense of security and privacy.
  • An integrated bamboo charcoal deodorant bag helps reduce odors within the litter box. Additionally, we offer replacement deodorant bags specifically designed for this litter box, ensuring a consistently fresh and odor-free environment.
  • The litter trapping mat features a grid design with 10mm intervals, efficiently collecting litter and swiftly addressing litter tracking issues. An entrance step reduces litter tracking when your cat exits the box.
  • The removable door panel can transform the box into a semi-enclosed litter box, suitable for cats temporarily unaccustomed to fully enclosed options. You can reinstall the door panel once your cat adapts.
  • The entire door panel employs a Snap-On design, allowing for easy removal as needed, although it is typically not required.
  • The product you receive is pre-assembled, eliminating the need for complex installation steps. Simply install the hooks and chimney, and you can start using it effortlessly.
Brand: Pet Besty
Product Name: Arched Chimney House Fully Enclosed Cat Litter Box
Type of Adaptation: Cats within 8kg
Color: White / Green / Purple
Material: ABS Plastic
Product Weight: 4.6KG
Dimensions: L43cm x W40cm x H45cm
Accessories (Included): Litter Box, Litter Trapper Mat, Cat Litter Shovel and Side Hook

Cats with vertical urination tendencies are not advised to use this litter box. We suggest to use seamless edges cat litter box

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