How to choose the best tofu cat litter in Australia ?

by AFK Administrator

How to choose the best tofu cat litter in Australia ?

3 In 1 Multi-Effect Composite Tofu Cat Litter is eco-friendly products that means the litter will very easy to breakdown and cause less negative impact on the local environment.

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We know some online document reject shop tofu cat litter. However, our Tofu cat litter is dust free and easier to clean. 3 In 1 Multi-Effect Composite Tofu Cat Litter is also helpful for urinary system of cat. Compared with clay or crystal litter, this product will not leaving any paw on your floor. 3 In 1 Multi-Effect tofu cat litter Australia is water soluble, so that our products can be flushed in small quantities that can be put into compost.

Our customer never worried about air fresheners, due to the elimination features of our products. The product is considering fast clumping with less waste, so that 3 In 1 Tofu Cat litter can last longer up to at least 4 weeks supply.

Is Tofu Cat litter good for Cat ?

3 In 1 Multi-Effect Composite tofu cat litter is synthetic free, we are using 100% natural product to support our loyal customers. 3 In 1 Multi-effect made from natural bean curd residue with 100% plant-based materials. There is no additional harmful ingredients, which is making our tofu cat litter safe for your lovers.

All of our Tofu cat litters are using natural fragrances. 3 In 1 Multi-Effect Composite Tofu Cat is biodegradable and flushable with advanced technology. Unlike crystal cat litter, Tofu Cat litter is 100% biodegradable, so that the pet owner can say goodbye to the bin.

3 In 1 Multi-Effect Tofu Cat litter can control odours. It traps odour with ease and it does not need mask the smell with any artificial fragrances and chemical materials. Our company know that any artificial smell is unhealthy and unpleasant for bot customer and cat. This is the reason that our products are developed to be odour free.

3 IN 1 Multi-Effect Tofu Cat litter is also suitable product for any allergy people. This product is 99% dust-free, so that customer does not need to consider the nose irritation and respiratory discomfort. The biggest benefit of 3 In 1 Multi-effect tofu cat litter is ensuring a more cleaner home for both cat and customer.

3 In 1 Multi Effect is fast clumping ? Tofu Cat litter is 100% made with safe and high quality ingredient with environmentally friendly materials. . The selected products is breeders choice with odor control and pea fibre.

This feature is making the clumping litter together that is reducing the waste. It also makes the used product easy to scoop out of the tray. The designed pea fibre activated raw materials can support the effective odour control in the litter box.

How to use 3 In 1 Multi Effect Product ?

Our products for pet use only. All the used ingredients are natural and consumption of litter by accident is harmless. If your pet is known to consume excessive amounts or capture tofu cat litter, please contact a vet immediately.

To avoid your cat eating tofu litter (we both know tofu litter is not cat food), please check the user manual or view online video.

You need to check all the potential ingredients of selected products. 3 In 1 Multi-Effect Tofu Cat litter will be the best option for your cat and home as well. If you have any questions, contact our sales team directly. They will solve your problems within 24 hours.