How to shave a pet at home ?

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Pet Electric Cat & Dog Hair Shaving Machine 

4 In 1 Pet Electric Shaving Machine use USB charging, plug and charge. It has long battery life that can be used for many years. Many pet owners are looking best pet hair remover, because of they are not regular using hair trimmer for their pets.

4 In 1 Pet Electric Shaving Machine is the best dog hair shaving machine and cat hair shaving machine in the market. Pet owners need to consider the best way to remove pet hair, and some of them buy pet hair remover brush. This is not the best way to solve the problem, and 4 In 1 Pet Electric Shaving Machine can solve your problem.

4 In 1 Pet Electric Shaving Machine is easy to use. You can use the positioning comb to fix and trim the hair of the corresponding length to control the overall thickness. User can choose different size with 5MM and 2MM.

We are caring your pet well-beings, 4 In 1 Pet electric shaving machine is 360 degree safe, it does not hurt your pet's delicate skin. This product is one action that can easily replace the cutter head with more convenient, worry-free and fast utilisation.

When the weather is hot, pets will shed their own hair, and this is resulting in hair all over the floor. It is very unsanitary, but many times pets resist shearing, why?

The main reason is that the usual scissors are relatively sharp, and it is easy to hurt pets, but 4 In 1 Pet Electric Shaving Machine is a combination of stainless steel and ceramic blades, and the front end is smooth and chamfered, which will not hurt your pets.

In fact, 4 In 1 Pet Electric Shaving Machine is very similar to the children's hair clipper on the market. The special design is very convenient and it is very convenient to use.

The working principle of 4 In 1 Pet Electric Shaving Machine is to drive the eccentric shaft, and the shaft drives the movable blade, and the stroke of the stainless steel fixed blade.

The special design of this product is used to make the whole shaver work with lower noise, so you don't have to worry about scaring your pets. The disassembly and assembly are very simple.

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Are Pet clippers the same as human hair clippers ?

Human hair clippers are not allowed to shave pets, it is easy to hurt the pet's skin and cause unnecessary damage to pets.

There are multiple reasons that we cannot use human hair clipper on dog or cat. Firstly, the hardness, density, and growth direction of pet hair are different from humans. Therefore, shavers and hair clippers are different in terms of blade sharpness, blade width, blade structure, and design process.

For example, human beards, hair, other body hair have unique different hardness, different density, different growth directions, and different growing skin arcs. There will be different hair removal tools, razors, hair clippers, and epilators. This is the same for animal shavers.

Pets should use a pet-specific hair shaving machine for your dog hair and cat hair. PET BESTY interviews many specialists about the differences on pet hair shaving machine.

There are many reasons that you need to consider before shaving your pet hair.

Firstly, safety is the most important factor. The safety of pet hair trimmer requires more processes and functions to prevent dogs and cats from accidentally cutting them. 4 In 1 Pet Electric Shaving Machine is more thoughtful than human use.

Secondly, dog hair trimmer or cat hair trimmer need high power. Due to the huge amount of pet, the electric hair trimmer need to handle a large amount of hair, and it requires sufficient power to cut pet hair. Otherwise, the thick hair will be easily jam the blade and cannot operate properly.

Thirdly, the sharpness of 4 In 1 Electric Shaving Machine is very high, and the quality is much higher than the human blades. The premium quality material selection, heat treatment and grinding component are ensuring the quality of 4 In 1 Electric Shaving Machine Dog hair trimmer and cat hair trimmer.

Human hair is far thicker, harder and more brittle than dog hair. Human pores only grow one hair, but most dogs grow 3-7 hairs per pore. A basic common sense is that soft hair or fibers are far more difficult to cut than thicker ones.


4 In 1 Pet Electric Shaving Machine

Dog & Cat Hair Trimmer


Low noise, low vibration, not disturbing pets;

Easily replace the cutter head;

Special waterproof design;

Blunt-pointed design without hurting your pet's delicate skin

Long battery life

Product Information:

Product Machine Size: 158*33*26 mm

Battery: Lithium battery

Color: White


Hair Trimmer

Thick Head:

Trim the whole-body hair, overall shaping, can push large pieces of miscellaneous hair, make a quick and flat hair trim.

Foot Hair Head:

Support multiple trimming, foot hair, buttocks, around eyes and ears.

Curved Head:

Special design, Suitable for trimming pet legs, armpits, around ears and other curved and narrow parts.

Nail Grinder Head:

Easily smooth the nails for your pets, exquisite meows start from the claws!

Other Accessories:

3* Positioning comb、1*Cleaning brush、1*USB Charging Cable、1*Lubricating Oil