Best Double Cat Bowl - Double Rised Pet Bowl | PetBesty

Double Cat Bowl
Double Cat Bowl
Double Cat Bowl
Raised Cat bowl, Double cat bowl
Double Cat Bowl
Raised Cat bowl, Double cat bowl
Raised Cat bowl, Double cat bowl
Raised Cat bowl, Double cat bowl

Best Double Cat Bowl - Double Rised Pet Bowl | PetBesty

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Double Raised Cat Bowl, Double Dog Bowl - Ceramic

Are you looking for a convenient and stylish feeding solution for your cats? At PetBesty, we offer high-quality double cat bowls designed to make mealtime easier for you and your feline friends. Our bowls are perfect for serving both food and water, keeping your cats happy and healthy.

Why Choose PetBesty's Double Cat Bowls?

Our double cat bowls are designed with both functionality and aesthetics in mind. Here’s why PetBesty’s double cat bowls are the ideal choice:

  • Convenient Feeding: Our double bowls allow you to serve food and water in one convenient location, making mealtime more efficient.
  • Easy to Clean: The bowls are removable and dishwasher safe, ensuring hassle-free cleaning and maintenance.
  • Durable and Safe: Made from high-quality, non-toxic materials, our bowls are built to last and safe for your cats.
  • Stylish Design: Available in various colors and styles to match your home décor and add a touch of elegance to your feeding area.


Colour: White / Grey / Green
Material: ABS (Table) and high-quality ceramic (Bowls)
Dimension: L 370mm x W 196mm x H 110mm 

Product Weight: 1700g
Diameter (Each bowl): 130mm

  Double Cat Bowl DESCRIPTION

Elevate your pet's dining experience with our Double Ceramic Raised Cat Bowl, perfect for both dogs and cats. Our unique raised design not only enhances the mealtime posture of your pets but also brings an elegant touch to your home decor. Ideal for pets who enjoy a stylish and comfortable dining experience, our raised bowls are a game-changer.

Stability and Durability Perfected Double Dog Bowl:

Crafted with care, our Raised Dog Bowl and Raised Cat Bowl are designed to withstand the playful nature of your pets. The ceramic material ensures durability and stability, preventing any mealtime mishaps and spills. Choose our ceramic-raised double bowls for a worry-free, stable dining experience your pets will love.

Hygienic Dining Solution: Prioritizing your pet's health, our Raised Cat Bowl and Raised Double Dog Bowl options are crafted to prevent the growth of bacteria. The smooth ceramic surface is easy to clean, ensuring a hygienic mealtime environment that keeps your pets safe from potential health risks.

Aesthetic Appeal: Our Double Ceramic Raised Cat Bowl is more than just functional; it's a piece of art. Available in various designs, PetBesty's collection adds a touch of elegance to your pet's dining area, making every meal a luxurious experience.

More Details for an Enhanced Feeding Experience:

Shared Dining Made Elegant: The double bowl design is perfect for households with multiple pets, allowing them to dine in harmony. It's an ideal setup for promoting companionship among your furry friends.

Ease of Cleaning: Designed with pet owners in mind, our raised bowls are incredibly easy to clean. The detachable design ensures you can maintain a hygienic dining space for your pets with minimal effort.

Ergonomic Benefits: The Raised Dog Bowl is specifically tailored for larger breeds, ensuring they dine in comfort without straining their neck or joints. This ergonomic design is a testament to our commitment to your pet's well-being.

Transform your pet's mealtime into a luxurious, comfortable, and healthy experience with PetBesty's Double Ceramic Raised Pet Bowl. Invest in your pet's happiness and health today.

Raised Cat bowl, Double cat bowl
Raised Cat Bowl
Raised Cat bowl, Double cat bowl
Raised Cat bowl, Double cat bowl
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