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    Cat Window Hammock
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    Indulge your feline friend in a slice of luxury with Pet Besty's Cat Hammock collection. A fusion of style, security, and functionality, these hammocks serve as the ultimate perches that trump regular ol' plain hammocks, offering pets a cosy resting space and a higher vantage point. Whether hanging by a window or secured to a wall, every cat loves the sensation of floating above, all while basking in sunny spots or observing the world from high places.

    Cat Window Hammock (Two ways to use)

    Elevate your pet's comfort with the Mewoofun Window Hammock for Cats. Designed for dual functionality, it features a secure tent style and an open window layout, fostering sweet moments of kitty-owner interactions. Available in a pleasing palette of orange, grey, and pink, it seamlessly blends with your interior, transforming your space into a cosy haven. Made with eco-friendly wood and durable canvas, it safely supports cats weighing up to 15kg, thanks to powerful suction cups. Suitable for various surfaces, it promises practicality with easy cleaning, assembly, and non-trace installation, presenting a hammock that is both aesthetically pleasing and convenient.

    Christmas Window Hammock for Cats (Two ways to use)

    Offering the same reliable features adorned with Christmas elements using high-adhesive stickers, it transforms your space into a Yuletide haven. Made with eco-friendly wood, canvas, felt, and elastic materials, it strikes a perfect balance between durability and comfort. It's the ideal bed and chill space for your cat, guaranteeing them the luxury of a bed up high. On sale now, grab this brand's stock while it lasts and give your pet the gift they deserve.


    Absolutely! Cat hammocks provide your feline friends with a secure and comfortable space to rest and sleep. They love high vantage points, and hammocks satisfy this natural instinct, offering a higher perch from where they can survey their surroundings. Furthermore, the soft materials used in our hammocks are perfect for sunbathing and chilling. It’s a piece of furniture that combines style and function, adding a stylish touch to your pet accessories while giving your cats a place they’ll love.

    Placement is key to ensuring your cat uses and enjoys their new hammock. It’s recommended to install the hammock near a window, so your cat can enjoy a view of the outside world while they rest. Ensure the installation site is secure and sturdy, to safely support your pet as they hang out. You might also consider a spot where they frequently sleep or play, as they already associate this space with relaxation and fun.

    Absolutely, Pet Besty's collection features a variety of hammocks suitable for felines of all ages, including kittens. Our hammocks offer a secure and gentle space for your kitten to rest and play, with designs that will easily become their new favourite indoor spot.

    Yes, installation is straightforward with Pet Besty's cat hammocks. Each hammock comes with everything you need to create secure and stable perches for your cat. Follow the included installation guide to set up your cat's new favourite spot quickly and safely.

    Unlike most pets, cats generally prefer perches that allow them to observe their surroundings safely. Placing them near a yard facing window will let them enjoy watching birds, cars, and people, satisfying their natural curiosity while resting in their cosy hammock. It adds an element of entertainment to their resting space.

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