A Selective Brand of High-end Pet Supplies

PETBESTY is the exclusive distributor of LINSLINS, AMO PETRIC and MAKAR in Australia. Distributor of PETSFIT and MEWOOFUN. 

Started in 2021 in Melbourne Australia, PETBESTY is dedicated to developing and providing high-quality, attractive design, and cost-effective pet products for your pet family members!

PETBESTY is established by two partners, both of whom love cats and dogs very much, and now have eight cats and two dogs. A long life as a pet owner makes us better understanding the needs of pet owners for products and the needs of pets, prompting us to think about what functions and designs would satisfy the preferences of both pet owners and their pets.

As a consumer of pet products like you, we understand well that you would not like to spend a lot of time picking out pet products and comparing prices online; you would not like to waste money on pet products with design defects and quality problems.

For this reason, PETBESTY exists to make it easy for pet owners to get the desired pet products and live with pet better.

PETBESTY aims to provide the best gifts for your pet!

The vision of PETBESTY is to become a desired brand in pet supplies trusted by pet owners and loved by cute pets!


At PETBESTY, we have tried every product before we launch, to make sure the product is useful and safe. Your pets deserve the best and here we are.

At PETBESTY, we provide best price in many ways. You can earn the rewards and redeem for coupon and the BESTY gifts! Also, you can choose our subscription delivery or the bundle discount to save more! Your best support is worthy of the best price.

At PETBESTY, we offer the best delivery. We will process the order within 1 day and we also provide the Same Day Delivery service in Melbourne if you place your order by 3pm.

At PETBESTY, if you have any question, please contact us , we are always here and happy to help!


Welcome to PETBESTY, we can’t wait you and your pet to join the BESTY family!

Much Love,