Activated Carbon Odor Absorbing Bag Refills 6 Pack

Activated Carbon Odor Absorbing Bag Refills 6 Pack
Activated Carbon Odor Absorbing Bag Refills 6 Pack

Activated Carbon Odor Absorbing Bag Refills 6 Pack

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Activated Carbon Deodorizing and Odor Absorbing Bag Refill

Introducing our home-use Activated Carbon Odor Absorbing Bag:

Specifically designed for our Arched Chimney House Enclosed Cat Litter Box, providing an effective solution to reduce odors within the litter box. By simply placing the product inside the chimney of the litter box to reduce internal unpleasant smells and keep a fresh environment.

Ensuring the utmost safety for both humans and pets, our product is completely non-toxic, odorless, chemical-free, and safe for both humans and pets.
The black particles within the bag not only absorb odors but also decompose pollutants like formaldehyde and benzene found in the air. The golden particles, imported from Japan, act as a photocatalyst, enhancing odor absorption, neutralizing unpleasant smells, and accelerating the breakdown of harmful substances, including formaldehyde.

This product is specially designed for effective absorption and elimination of odors. It is suitable for places with unpleasant odors, not only for use in our cat litter box but also for other areas with odor issues. It can be used to remove post-renovation odors, formaldehyde, as well as in new cars, bathrooms, and other pet areas.
Environment Friendly: 100% natural and harmless for our environment.

You can place one or two bags inside the chimney of the cat litter box, depending on your needs. It is recommended to replace the product every 5-6 weeks.
The product has a shelf life of 2 years.

Brand: Pet Besty
Product Name: Activated Carbon Deodorizing and Odor Absorbing Bag Refill
Ingredients: Graphene, Activated carbon, sepiolite, zeolite, bentonite, potassium permanganate, composite porous molecular sieve, water, etc
Product Weight: 210g

1. This product is safe and non-toxic, suitable for household use. However, it is not edible and should be kept out of reach of children.
2. Storage Instructions: Seal any unused product tightly and store it in a cool, dark place to maintain its quality and effectiveness.
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