Large Cat Litter Box Fully Enclosed

Large Cat Litter Box Fully Enclosed
Large Cat Litter Box Fully Enclosed
Extra Large Double-sided Clamshell Doors Fully Enclosed Cat Litter Box Set
Large Cat Litter Box Fully Enclosed
Large Cat Litter Box Fully Enclosed

Large Cat Litter Box Fully Enclosed

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XL Cat Litter Box with Double-sided Clamshell Doors Fully Enclosed Cat Litter Box 

This unique fully enclosed cat litter box is specially designed for large cats or multi-cat households. The box can easily accommodate two 8-kilogram cats, allowing even big cats to turn around and bury their waste comfortably. The box features a distinctive dual-sided flip-top design, making daily cleaning a breeze for busy cat owners. No need to remove the entire lid, just open one side, and you can effortlessly scoop out the litter.

Inside the cat litter box, there are double-layered partitions on both sides, reducing the risk of cats urinating outside the litter area. The fully enclosed design helps minimize odors, and it comes with a basic cat litter scoop for your convenience. Additionally, there is a hook at the back of the litter box for easy storage of the scoop.

When it comes to litter usage, we recommend using our 5 In 1 Multi-Effect Composite Tofu Cat Litter as an example. Pouring the whole 2.5kg bag into the litter box will provide the perfect 3-4cm thickness of litter.


  • Extra-large space with a length of 58cm
  • Designed for large cats or households with multiple cats
  • Double-sided flip walls for more convenient cleaning, shovel waste on both sides¬†
  • Fully enclosed design to help reduce odour
  • Includes a scoop for sifting with side hook for convenient storage
  • Come with mat to reduce litter tracking¬†
  • Suitable for cats of all sizes


Colour: Avocado Green / Morandi Orange / Baby Blue
Material: PP material 
Product Weight: 4KG
Litter Box L58cm x W48.6cm x H42.85cm
Mat L42cm x W28cm
Shovel L30.4cm x W10.2cm
Accessories (Included): Cat litter mat, Basic scoop  

Note: The litter box has a double-layer baffle design on both sides to minimize the possibility of urine leakage. However, in extreme situations or if the cat has unique urination habits, such as vertical urination and spraying, there might still be a possibility of minor urine leakage if the cat chooses to urinate in inappropriate locations, such as near the flap door.
It is essential for pet owners to observe and understand their cat's litter box habits. Generally, this large-sized enclosed litter box is specially designed to meet the requirements for leak prevention and provide ample comfortable space for your cat.



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